About Our Lady in France
In 2003 Our Lady in France (OLIF – pronounced Olive – as in “On The Buses”) moved to the South of France with JS, her long suffering retired veterinarian husband and Nanou (Tash), their beautiful and brave daughter.

OLIF started sending e-mails to her family and friends about their adventures.
Her great enthusiasm for life meant her emails got bigger, more lively, less grammatically correct but funnier. Friends started forwarding the emails to other friends.
Friends of friends passed on the word.

I (her genius brother-in-law – Gerbil) started posting her tales of their life in France on this web site.

This is Olif’s blog where her posts glow with joy, humour, funny rants and a true and fabulous account of her, her family’s and friends lives. (We all know that Olif has never let facts get in the way of a good story xx)


PS: It’s a hard life in the South of France (25th February 2013)…


Then again the sun in mid February 2021 can be beautiful..