About Our Lady in France
In 2003 Our Lady in France (OLIF – pronounced Olive – as in “On The Buses”) moved to the South of France with JS, her long suffering Veterinarian husband and Tash, their beautiful and bright daughter.

OLIF started sending e-mails to her family and friends about their adventures. When OLIF started she was not great at typing, punctuation or even computers. However her great enthusiasm for life meant her emails got bigger, more lively and funnier. Friends started forwarding the emails to other friends of OLIF. Friends of friends passed on the word.
Now her emails are sent to hundreds of friends around the world.

I (her genius brother-in-law – in her mind this translates as Gerbil!) started collecting her tales of their life in France. I tried (and failed) to tidy up the spelling and even had a go at the punctuation. I have now dropped from exhaustion at the mammoth task and given Olif her own blog where she can look after the whole darn thing herself.

It’s a hard life in the South of France (25th February 2013)…