July 7th Party Pics

July 7th 2007


How proud and overwhelmed both JS, Tash, Tess and I where when so many of our closest friends came to France for one hell of a party.
It was made a total success only by the fact that YOU were all here.
The emails, flights, ferry bookings, b&b’s, hotels and car hire organisation would put any Beckhams party to shame.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts, of which we will drink, plant, eat and admire.

I cannot wait to begin organising my 60th, which incidentally is MANY years to come!!!!

All my Love Olif xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Some texts and emails we got saying THANK YOU….

From Niki (Greek Beauty)
hello adopted mum and dad. i just wanted to say thank you again for having me over. i really enjoyed myself and everything was perfect. i hope you guys are finally resting. hope to see you soon. love you loads.

From Mike M
Just arrived back to lovely rainy weather, fantastic old England !!!! A note to thank you both for a really great party, it was super to see you all again … PS As a footnote i hit the kerb yesterday and burst a tyre and today i nearly hit a car at the airport because it came at me from a direction i wasn’t expecting – the left!!!!It In my defence it was a roundabout but very unclear, welll at least i thought so and as i was driving i must be right!!!! or is it left??? either way we were all OK and the car only had a wrecked tyre from yesterday which is all that counts.

From Juliet
We feel very honoured to have been included in y’day’s party of the year … It says a lot for the power of friendship you both have, that so many people are prepared to drop everything and come flying out to the sun for a proper knees-up-bash-shindig with free food and wine flowing non-stop, and a great dance band!!!! …. The catering was great – I loved you chef, who gave me tips on how best to cook poppadoms (I usually use – shock horror! – the microwave!) By the way, I left, in the same drawer, an envelope with a fiver in it, which I hope will get to the person who bought the popps for me. 4 packs, too – brilliant! I knew Brum was the authentic place to get them from!

From Pam & Malc
Absolutely fabulous to see you both again after such a long time (god you’ve aged well!!!). We all thought it was a wonderful party and we had a great time…and for inviting Jeff and Gel they had a great time too.

From Carole via text
… the party was like the most perfect dream come true…

From Clare and Robert
A huge thank you for a wonderful party. It was just perfect. There is something very ” grounding ” and poignant about keeping in touch with people from childhood … Robert and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a great end to a wonderful few days holiday and but for your invitation that holiday wouldn’t have happened.

From Andrew (The Yachtbreakers)
Just to say a huge thank you for your great hospitality and a fantastic evening on Saturday … we are more or less back on solids and caught up on sleep now! All the Yachtbreakers said what a great night it was and a great way to end our summer tour, as its our last gig till September sometime! Thanks you both so much and hope to see you soon.

From Anita (Var Village Voice)
WHAT A SUPER PARTY. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. DID ENJOY IT. Absolutely wonderful!!!! Super duper Congratters to “Our Lady in France” we must start a blog for that on the website.

From Bob and Sheila
From hosts to booze, to food, to music, to all your family and friends,wonderful. The golf club, what can we say but unbeatable. the skinny dipping, not quite sure but extremely entertaining. Sheila and I cannot speak French so in my little Spanish, muchas gracias, fantastico, excelente and with muchas amor!

From Colin and Elizabeth C.
I felt quite weak at the amount of organizing you both must have done to make the party such fun and such a success. The setting, perfect, fantastic view, excellent company and delicious food and wine, thank you both so much.

From Janet B.
Thank you for a wonderful party and a chance for a really good holiday Norman and Judith D. Lovely food and wine and so many interesting people to talk to. it seemed to flow effortlessly.

From Anna C.
That was a party to beat all parties, it was just superb from the beginning to the end. I wouldn’t have missed this party for all the world.

From Andrew and Su
We loved it all, the English, the French, the best rose in France, the band, the food, the dancing, the glorious outfit of Madame Speer, either matching or bringing out the whiteness of her teeth! Mini Speers fantastic French.

From Frank and Kate x
What a party. To the pool girl with love from the pool boy. When’s the next St Blaise party? invited or uninvited we will be there.