Sans Sujet 2 (The 2nd email)

Posted by on October 9, 2003


A day late with my e-mails, but with the noise of the builders, (yes it’s our turn this week) and Natasha’s day off, armed with towel and bikini bottoms, we headed for St Tropez. Its a hard life!!!
Alan and Jo had a lovely time, weather magnificent, Jo assisted JS to COMPLETE the greenhouse, and Daddy talked about the war and all the girlfriends he could have married before Jo!
Good news – the car is now upright again, no grievous bodily harm done, just that JS finds it difficult to speak to me! The builders came to the rescue after I had left a desperate message in my perfect French. Apparently I had said (although I don’t believe it) I had driven the car into the already crumbling house, and it was well and truly stuck in the kitchen wall, they turned up immediately, lessons to be learnt..

Got this paragraph business down to a fine art now, will be teaching the tutors soon!!

Pool house coming on a treat, although I wasn’t sure we were having one of those, with winter coming up!
I am off to the UK for two days to celebrate a school friends 50th birthday. Richard has had a busy week here, cooking daily some magnificent French dishes, walking dogs, and giving advice whenever needed. He is probably looking forward to going home!!
Gill arrives next. Have been clearing the studio for her royal Highness, found 8 scorpions, 3 dead spiders, and 1 alive! And a hornet’s nest. But what she doesn’t know about wont hurt!!

Carole’s therapy is working well. Manages 2 glasses of vino daily, followed by an aspirin, and works a treat.
Pip and June. Greenhouse is at a 45 degree angle, is that ok or will it upset the plants?
Mike. Gill has taken up rifle shooting recently, is this for the sanglier or has she an ulterior motive?
Peter and Jenny. Band B in Vence superb, brilliant choice, only draw back it is up a series of hair pin bends, good fun for Ayrton Senna, but will P cope?
Nic. When are you coming to see your sister’s pad in the sticks? Hurry up or it may fall down if we don’t underpin soon.

Love to you all

Our Lady in France xxxxxxx(even found the key for sending kisses.)

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