Sans Sujet 3 (The 3rd email)

Posted by on October 18, 2003

Bonjour, Cest moi,

Sorry for the delay, but we have been very busy here, what with JS attending the college Voting Meeting at Figaniere and Gill arriving and the chestnut run.

Gill has settled in like a true native, bikini bottoms on, wine glass in hand, calorie controlled diet in the other, and loving her retirement!
But as always there are jobs to be done, a complete makeover has transformed the studio, from a nice little bedsit, to a grande apartment, fit only for our Gill! (Actually its looks posher than any other room, think I might have to transfer JS and I into it instead!)
At last civilization has come to St B.
A Chinese takeaway arrives in the village every Wednesday pm.
My cooking was getting a bit boring… escargots, moules, French onion soup, and you know my usual a la carte menu! (PLEASE send M and S ici, vite, vite.)
We had hoped Emma would visit us this weekend, but JS mentioned that we were going to a Mushroom fete on Saturday and a chestnut fete on Sunday! We haven’t heard from her since! JS and I have enrolled in the Bargemon loiser (the local group for lonely expats) with lessons in more French verbs, and a cooking demo every month, actually, the real reasons – JS fancies the team leader, Madame Sniff(I ask you!) and the cooking demonstrator looks like Pierce Bronson. We are both happy bunnies.
Still hardly any water, had to visit the launderette today, my street cred is fast deteriorating.
Tash continues to enjoy school, and is really looking forward to visiting the UK next week to see her school mates; meanwhile we will be in Paris for a week, shopping until I drop, whilst JS visits the museums.

Mike. Dogs cannot wait for your visit, are you training for the regular daily walks?
Carole. superb birthday pressie, using it already.
Oh, the piece resistance, we have bought an all purpose garden rotavator… chops everything in its path, including dogs! Watch out Percy Thrower!!
BIG REMINDER FOLKS< YOU HAVE 21 days before THE birthday. 9th November, all cards have to be sent one week in advance so they can reach me well on time, and don’t think you can get away with it, because I shall remind you weekly.!!!!If nic remembers, my brother, it will be a first in 50 years! MISSING YOU ALL>ESPECIALLY MARKS AND SPENCERS FOODHALL.

Our Lady in Francexxxxxxxxxxx

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