Sans Sujet 5 (The 5th ever email)

Posted by on November 1, 2003

Bonjour All,

Superb time in Paris. TGV went well, we packed our first class picnic, compliments of the best deli in Figanieres. Gill chose the wine, best year and all that! TGV arrived, only to find Gill was in a different coach from the Speer family and not connectable to us. It was a dam good picnic though, but don’t tell Gill!

We visited all the necessary museums, famous sights, and the magnificent Moulin Rouge. Topless ladies to die for. JS hasn’t been the same since, and I have been on a diet, and purchased a bust developer, and Gill has committed suicide.!!!
Tash flew to GB successfully, only to be upgraded to first class, and sat with the pilot all the way back to France. This has to be her Mothers daughter!!!
Back home, dogs fine, brilliantly looked after by brother in law Mike. Builders have just arrived after a three week break, no explanation, more money wanted, and guess what? We haven’t seen them since!! Meanwhile, the weather is superb, still managing to wear the bikini, after I have done my bust exercises!

Judith has arrived for 4 days, a good friend and brilliant gardener. Hence JS, (the ex vet turned DIY ,plumber, electrician, bilingual expert etc etc. but still hasn’t caught me up yet!) has made a new purchase, not, thank God chickens, but a turbo charged, chipped, straight through exhaust, rotovator, with about as much power as the new Mercedes McClaren. (Have I mentioned the rotovator yet?) So we now have row upon row of onions, lettuce, (under a cloche of course!) garlic, winter epinard, strawberries and a small plantation of marijuana! Its more like the good life every day! But do I miss John Lewis! JS putting finishing touches to chicken enclosure .The day they move in is the day I move out! Alas I have just been informed that the final stages will have to be postponed, JS has dropped the egg laying section onto his thumb and buggered the lot!!!!!!

Love to you all

Our Lady from France xxxxxx

Mike. thanks 4 everything, all dogs are in a state of depression, you didn’t give them titbits did you?
Lisa. Visited restaurant by the Invalides, wonderful meal, Wish you were with us.
Cag. London perfect, Paris next year, ok?
Anna. thanks 4 e mail, no news yet from the others, please rally them on , but you just book your flight and let the others follow.
John and Juliet. thanks 4 the info. Re apartments. but we think for the time being we will rent, borrow, or camp out in friends gardens. large ones of course.!!
Richard. Isle of Wight sounded fun, with anyone I know????
Emma. Have a great time in Egypt, speak to you next week.
Damian and Alice. God help you both if you have forgotten my birthday card!!!!

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