Sans Sujet 6 (The 6th ever email)

Posted by on December 1, 2003

Dear All,

Just returned from the UK via Easy jet for £12 can’t be bad !
JS and Tash had a lovely time together, eating pizza and going to bed very late!!!
I shopped till I dropped, visited all necessary medics for my annual overhaul. By all accounts I am running on all four cylinders and looking very French! (must be the winter tan and the new hair do.)
Meanwhile, JS has been on the shop again and purchased a trailer for the 4 by 4. He can now spend many happy hours collecting the PRECIOUS water in an enormous container from the free village supply as often as he wants to, or whenever I fancy a huge bath with bubbles in, what a luxury!!!.

We went to the theatre in Draguignan on Saturday night, saw a splendid Spanish dancer perform brilliantly, Gill, Tash, Moi, all loved it, but JS slept through the lot, must have been the pre theatre drinks and enormous dinner!
We went to an English Christmas fair yesterday, at the Chateau Berne, a very posh establishment, the wine tasting was brilliant, but the stalls selling old Scottish shortbread and tomato ketchup! (when do you need tom. Ketchup for xmas, have things changed over there?)

We left in a hurry, and JS decided to cut a xmas tree down on another French mans land (he’s having a hip op at the moment at St Tropez, so wont notice!!) But it was blowing a gigantic gale so it proved a difficult task. Meanwhile he then decided to put lights up the tallest tree in our garden,(18feet at least).Picture the scenario, Tash and I had hidden, Gill unaware of this task, volunteered, up she went, all 18feet, clasping lights, (JS holding BOTTOM of ladder,) and shouting commands, with the gale reaching force 12 at least. Anyway she still lives to tell the tale, the lights look great, the xmas tree decorated, the hot toddies served, and Tasha bursts into tears because she misses England!!!!!
Alls well that ends well!!! All my love

Our Lady In France.xxxxxxx

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