Sans Sujet 7 (The 7th ever email)

Posted by on January 30, 2004

Bonjour All,

Merci pour votre envoyer un message electronique . Le temps en Angleterre c,est terrible!. Nous avons eu une tempete de neige,deux le centimetres sseulement. La piscine ete congele.John est alle le lit,pour une change! Natasha est alle a l”ecole, et j”ai fait du cuisine, Ennuyeux!!!! (I can already see the corrected email arriving on my desk from Chantal!!!!
Donc, enough is enough!

We visited Aups truffle fair last Sunday, there was a demonstration of a PIG looking and finding, I might add, truffles! Apparently, if he finds them, he then promptly wants to eat the lot, and at 20euros per gram, he could turn out to be a very rich dead pig!!! Have you ever seen a truffle? It looks exactly like something that the dogs might deposit in the garden after breakfast!

Tash and I went on our usual day out on Wednesday (vacance a l”ecole ) and visited Grasse and the perfumeries. Came back smelling of several hundreds of scents, and got some lavender for JS chest (he has had the grippe!) must have caught it from the pig!!!
Water Front. We are now 95% closer to receiving council water, difficult to believe. Due to commence in March!!!8 weeks work, in theory!!!! Thank you Mr Mayor, but a bigger thank you to Chantal, who is the equivalent to Jim”ll fix it…
Kitchen Front. Electricity going in as I speak, and JS and I went to visit a marble mason yesterday to order a chopping board. When we arrived, Môn Mari said that I should conduct the conversation in French, since I was such a swot, so I did.10 minutes later the mason thought I wanted a head stone in black marble for my recently deceased chef, and had never heard of a CHOPPING thing for the kitchen.!!!!!

This lady sees her doctor, and says that her husband will not make love to her anymore. the doc says to put a Viagra pill into his coffee and see if it works.1 week later she returns and looks exhausted,” did it work?” the doc asks,” yes” she answers, but after he drank the coffee he started to take off all his clothes, swept all the china off the table, and made passionate love to me on the table,”whats wrong with that?” the doc asks, the lady says,” it was wonderful, but I shall never be able to go to Starbucks again!!!”

All my love Our Lady in France.xxxx

J,J,J,et Pierre. Go for the flyers re the visiting vet. we need all we can get .
Annette and John. so the weather doesn’t stop the shooting???
GIlly. Utterly butterly and Cheshire cheese please an of course you!
Pip and June. Not got the virus yet, but still lolling about in the bikini!!
Lisa and Yannick. Please excuse the french.J”ai une debutante.!!!
Bubble. Still working? Tash is very jealous of Robs un bonhomme.
Judith. Do you need a kine pour l”epaule?
Cag. JS on his way with damart clothing at hand!!!!

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