Sans Sujet 4 (The 4th ever email)

Posted by on October 24, 2003

Bonjour,C”est moi,

It is lovely to hear from you all, a little bit of England sent personally to me, despite the fact that JS and Tash and Gill reads it all before me because I have yet to learn how to get my e-mails off this machine. Basic I know, but lesson 32 is due in a week!

We are off to gay Paris tomorrow. JS, Gill, Tash et moi pour vacance, via the TGV. 4 and a half hours from St Raphael to Paris Gare de Lyon. Brother in law, Michael, is baby sitting, (goodness help him, Narla, the youngest dog, has spotted a very delectable French poodle and it’s love at first sight!!! Need I say more!!!)

The rotavator. A new purchase. JS is more than happy. It cultivates everything in sight. Really good soil, perfect for new growth (the Ansteys and the Heaths would love it here). What should we plant?

WE will communicate after Paris via the TGV, first class, naturally!

Janet. Yes I am fine working Boxing Day, but I am in Paris for half term. Back in UK for 19th December. Ready for work, give us a shout if you need me, can you pay me in euros!
Lisa. Thank you for the restaurants. Recommendations wonderful will ring accordingly with Michelin guide stars. Thank you.
Richard. Glad that Damian collected the furniture, and TJ residue, hope everything is ok with you, gourmet life is still tres bien and blue skies every day.
Chantel. thank you for your e mail. Re. Paris. Look forward to searching dans le Marche. l ‘achete le tissu
Pam. wonderful news getting married in December and a grandmother in April. Bet your looking forward to it, I bet you will be a natural, and looking forward to the challenge. our address. St Blaise ,83830 Figanieres.France
Carole. Glad to see you are enjoying London and seeing the sights, wonderful time, great experience, BUT, wonderful fun still missing you and hope to see you soon

Love from the Lady from France.

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