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The Hound of the Baskerville Sanglier

Bonjour mes Amis, A week in the UK, a week in Italy, too many lunches and dinner parties, wedding preparations and my mother’s 93rd birthday. But first, a further tale from our neighbours, the Crawford’s. Having spent a week in the UK, they return to Callas to find that there has been some serious disturbances … Continue reading »

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Another Party and more

French islands, the neighbour’s dinner parties, Italy, engagements, a big party, medical tests and French news. Douched, lathered, exfoliated, second douche, a quick towel dry, gently rubbed with a good reconditioning body cream, and finally buffed up till I shine! I mean my 1999 MG of course! Looking gorgeous, roof down, daughter in the passenger … Continue reading »

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The Pool House

Five years to construct it, 20 builders and an architect to complete it, one complaint from a neighbour who cannot see it, several visits from the gendarmes, a royal visit from the Mayor of Figanieres, and a court order! We are talking about a building 5 metres by 2, with nothing inside it but the … Continue reading »

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