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Good Morning Mr Lithter

Round Robin October 2013. A lisp, roof installation, massive explosion, the post box and more. Bonjour All, Good Morning Mr Lithter, my name is Tether Lancathire, I am your thpeech and language therapitht! “Sorry?”Said Mr Lister Tess repeats the whole sentence once again, with the slightest hint of a dribble! “Goodness, I thought it was … Continue reading »

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Keith & Tessa Batchelor

THE WEDDING DAY BY THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE. (only read this if you enjoy weddings!) JULY 6th 2013 July 5th. 10am.The Marriott Hotel. Room 201… Knock on the door, Tash arriving for a quick pre bridesmaid check-up, flung open the door, but no, it was my ex, Bill, with 4 glasses of champers. Lovely … Continue reading »

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Pool scuba

November 2012.Round Robin. I have just read the Daily Mail on my free iPad! It says how to avoid round robin letter rage, so I am keeping mentions of children to a minimum, modesty is key, and must include plenty of inconsequential anecdotes! So here goes… Bonjour All. “Why don’t you keep your head under … Continue reading »

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