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THE Wedding

Round Robin November 2016. The wedding, The Ring of Kerry, another wedding, and finally another wedding!!! Bonjour Mes Amies, 36 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, only 3 hours to go before the ceremony, and the Bride calmly suggests that 30 tablecloths need ironing! Suddenly there is not a soul in sight; 30 seconds … Continue reading »

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Keith & Tessa Batchelor

THE WEDDING DAY BY THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE. (only read this if you enjoy weddings!) JULY 6th 2013 July 5th. 10am.The Marriott Hotel. Room 201… Knock on the door, Tash arriving for a quick pre bridesmaid check-up, flung open the door, but no, it was my ex, Bill, with 4 glasses of champers. Lovely … Continue reading »

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