Vaccinations, Brexit & a Gynaecologist

Posted by on February 10, 2021

Vaccinations, Sheep, Brexit, Golf and the gynaecologist!

Bonne journee mes amis.

We will all miss you Captain Tom.

“At the end of the day we shall all be ok again; the sun will shine on you and the clouds will go away.”

A huge thank you to all our NHS Staff, and front-line workers all over the world.

“It is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston S. Churchill



World Statistics.03/02/2021. Cumulative COVID-19 vaccination doses administered per 100 people: “Israel.58.8%, UK 14.9% France 2.4%,” Here, there is no system!!!! France was late starting this essential bit of health (January 18th and came to a complete standstill 10 days later!) NO VACCINES.

It seems our President is covering up his lack of supply of vaccines by casting aspersions on the efficacy of the vaccine in the over 60’s.

Dirty business politics.

Interestingly, only 54% of French polled said they would get vaccinated against Covid-19, which raises the question as to why this should be. Firstly, they feel these vaccines were developed in haste and worry about potential side effects, and secondly, that the level of acceptance of a vaccine is linked to the level of trust people have in their politicians and scientists. In France these are extremely low.

You apply online for a rendezvous to your nearest centre, ours is easily found as it’s 50 yards from the cemetery!
Name,sex,date of birth, any acceptable disabilities (being English is considered a disability, so that can push you up or down  the line) then search for availability. This all sounds quite simple, but it must be like bidding for a Van Gogh on eBay.
Get the timing right, computer literacy and speed essential, fluent in French (a Welsh based vet recently told us that his NHS letter inviting him to make an appointment for a Covid 19 vaccination came in 17 languages (including French!, but unbelievably not one of them in Welsh) and your enthusiasm and surprise that there is just one slot available.

JS booked a 12.30am appointment on 18/01, (all the French are having lunch). His documents at the ready, passport in a new transparent folder, English/french pocket dictionary, mobile phone on code scramble line to our French agent Tash, face mask virtually glued to his nose and wearing two pairs of sterile blue plastic gloves. Marched past the crematorium and up to the vaccination centre, which was not difficult since most other candidates were on Zimmer’s or sticks.

One hour later, he was seen at the exit, wearing his well-done sticker, four forms confirming insertion of the Moderna vaccine, date for the following jab, no post effects noticed by drop dead gorgeous nurses that hold your hand and check your BP. Number one ticked off from his bucket list.

“Nothing to it Nessie, no physical post jab signs and symptoms that I can see!”


Sheep, Golf & Dinner

“There is a sheep JS standing on our 3-hole putting green, trying to eat the artificial grass.”
“Tash, your Mum has finally lost it after all this isolation”
“Dad, she lost it years ago!”
But there was Harry, standing on hole 2.
“Take a photo of Harry’s identity tag on the inside of his ear Mum, then I will put the picture on facebook!”
“What are you going to do JS?”

As chief veterinary advisor I will manage the situation from afar. Two hours later, we have a call from Claude, the Callas shepherd, who has seen Harry on Facebook! I will collect him in the morning, but keep him warm, calm, and isolated from the dog or the vet, who incidentally was already sharpening his scalpel and preparing the mint sauce.

No sooner had Claude rounded up Harry, than Claudette, a rather old ewe, obviously in search of the vaccination centre, had got stuck in the brambles down the track. Tash was on Facebook in an instant.
Claude arrives, joins me in the brambles, no social distancing, or masks or even gel anywhere to be seen, and having untangled Claudette, licks his lips and suggests:

“Agneau roti le dejeuner du Dimanche madame?”
“Roast lamb for Sunday lunch madame?”



More administration for us residents to prove our legal existence to the powers that be, that we can continue to receive health care if it is not too complicated and that we must learn to be patient, realizing we are now second-class citizens, and to always permit the Frenchie’s to be first in the queue (memories of waiting your turn at a French Ski lift?), threatening to make us take a French driving test (do not think JS ever took one in the UK) under no circumstances smuggle into their country our unpalatable Mature cheddar cheese, British beef, Marmite, ginger nuts, fresh scottish salmon, except for oysters ,which are from the UK anyway and sold in Calais markets. and finally, charge us more to buy a stamp for a package to the UK, than a return ticket with easyJet. (Gerbil – aaand breath)


Covid-19 current rules. 01/2021

All borders are closed to people arriving from outside the EU, large shopping centres,restaurants ,bars and ski resorts closed.
Masks obligatory in public places and police checks and on the spot fines,135 euros for the first offence, which can raise to 3,750 euros and even a sentence of six months in prison for repeat offenders.
Curfew 6pm-6am
The vigneron must stop pruning the vines as the light fades at about 4.30pm, leaving them 90 minutes to come in from the cold, change out of their work clothes, hop into their tractors, and zoom home before 6pm. No third lockdown yet.



After 4 years of abstinence, not wine you fools; golf, we joined a new golf course in Roquebrune,. Just 9 holes, and JS managed a hole in one (it did hit the school bus on the main road) but as luck has it, it ricocheted back onto the course, struck the flagpole and down it went, still classified as a hole in one we reckon!



You men can go get a coffee now, this is for the girls only!

With no chance of flying to the UK this month, and my HRT replacement necessary, desperate measures were required. I find a French gynaecologist, whose name was Joe.

With Mr J’s expertise on these matters and expect to get it got sorted asap! Not an easy task!

Tash recommended a certain Doctor Blondie from Frejus,who a friend’s friend’s cousin’s aunt from Facebook that thought he was  good looking, gentle, but had rather large hands! (2 out of three I suppose).

My man from Edgbaston, suggested what I needed was such and such and it was simply a prescription, and that would be that.

I do not think so!

Dr Blondie spoke English, which has to be a bonus in these circumstances, but frankly had never heard of my current type of HRT, so he rang a doctor friend in Chester/UK and asked what I was on about! Prescription sorted, but it was not as simple as my Mr J had led me to believe.


Illegal drinking in Port Frejus

Our bubble, JS,Tash and I, take a long walk at midday, admiring the boats moored in the port, when this guy waves at us.

“Do you know him Tash, is he a friend or a client?”
“Neither mum, but he says if you pop round to the back of the palm tree, he has a small café serving rose wine and a pizza if you fancy one!”
“But all restaurants and bars are closed” explains a worried JS.
“Who cares, I’m off to investigate “ says Tash, ”a large or small rose Mum?”

All grandchildren seem to be surviving rather too well without their grandparents!


Getting warmer here at last, living in hope we have a few more available vaccines, real hugs, kisses, and parties, and Olif and JS can start their entertaining and share a glass of wine with all our friends. Without masks, gel or social distancing.

All my love

Olif. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BIL/Gerbil..good luck with the grammar, and this RR can officially go on the site (when you have checked all spelling mistakes!) (BIL/Gerbil – It only took me 2 hours. You are improving my darling Olif)

Cad. I have reserved 2 sunbeds opposite the sea, with our own waiter at Saint Raphael for 02/06,12noon.

Buzz.  Your bedroom has been fully refurnished, so when can you arrive and come and cook for us for 2 weeks!!!

TJ. Miss you all so much.

Little hands. I need some help on a further ceiling to paint and Kate to hold the ladder.

My lawyer has advised me to tell you all  that most of the above is in fact true, but some points may be not totally accurate!!!

Mike (Gerbil) & Maudie (Jill) would like to say WE MISS YOU ALL AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS XX

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